Monday, April 15, 2013


Distance makes my love stronger each day. There are a million miles between us but I feel your presence around me all the time. You are so far away from me but yet so close to my heart. It’s amazing that everyday and night I can spend blissful moments wrapped around your soul by just closing my eyes. It’s the beauty of our soulful love that even though we have miles between us and we cannot spend time together we are one in our heart and soul. Even from a distance I cherish the divinity of our togetherness as if we were never apart. I think it’s because we are spiritually, mentally and telepathically connected and we are able to love one another completely. I love you for being the wonderful person that you are and for the beauty you bring into my life just by being connected to me 24/7. I am blessed to have you in my life. I couldn't have asked for more.. -Aarti Khurana-


Friday, April 5, 2013

2 Years 11 Months

Happy Anniversary love! Dah lama tak update our anniversary. Busy + Mls. :) alhamdulillah kita dah hampir cecah tahun ke 3. So far I'm happy with you. Happy sangat. You can be my friends, my love and you're very supportive + understanding. Really appreciate that. Thanks a lot dear. InsyaAllah kalau diizinkan-Nya kita akan melangkah to the next stage. Amin. Semoga Allah permudahkan setiap urusan kita dan semoga Dia memberkati setiap perbuatan kita. InsyaAllah. Really miss you..! Every year our anniversary you're not here. Not in Malaysia. Sedih. Tapi you tak pernah lupa our date and akan sentiasa wish dalam email kita. Thanks dear..!