Monday, July 16, 2012

Hurt =(

My heart getting hurt. But nobody's know about it. 
I feel so lonely ='(

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Morning

Heloo! On Friday Morning, doesn't have any work to do at office. So I decide to make luahan perasaan at my blog =) this is the best way for me to feel (GOOD).. hehe.. Because what? Sometimes when we feel (BAD) just take a piece of paper and pencil (OLD WAY) or laptop and blog (NEW WAY) =) and just write or type all that comes from your heart. After that you will feel really good! Seriously! I always do that. Hehe. Sometimes not all people's around can by your side when you need them and sometimes they didn't understand your feeling. Unless they put their self in your shoes. But in 10 people, just 1 only can understand your feeling. Betul la kan? So the best way is type or write wherever you want to luahkan. =)

Me?? Now I don't know what I feel. Haha. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Why ya? =( What I need to do is just ignore the bad feelings and try to care my heart from being SAKIT! =) People never understand you. They just can give advice advice and advice but all is depends on yourself. 
Happy Fridayy!

Waiting For A Miracle

Not only holds your hand, but said "I want to marry u"
So sweet right?? =)
-One day-