Thursday, December 1, 2011

1 December 2011

The last months of the year has started! It can be said for UNITEN students like me, December is hectic months! Because of what? Because this December we have presented our proposal for subject Human Resource Research. This presentation can be said like our ticket for graduation. It was just a proposal and if accepted by a panel, we can proceed with our research project. But it will starts next year. Nowadays only have to focus on proposal. Just now still need to looking other ideas. Please give me some ideas to achieve 10,000 words! Huge numbers right?? But it's reality. Hmmmmmmm. :( December.......... Please be nice to me! :) Other than that, ermmm... End of this month final exam will begin! And after that I'll become a senior last semester! :) Wish me luck!

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