Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Anniversary

Happy 1st anniversary dear love! Jam menunjukkan 12.05am 5.5.2011.. hehee... I'm so sad because we can't celebrate together! But it's ok. When you come back to Malaysia we celebrate together ok dear love! Alhamdulillah da setahun da kita ni. Dalam mencapai angka setahun ni macam-macam dugaan kan. But tu semua mematangkan kita. Mudah-mudahan dipanjangkan jodoh kita ya. Miss u so much! 

Sorry dear! I'm just copying from pacik Google! Hehee... But when you come back i'll show you the real one! I mean it comes from my heart! We'll see ya! ;)

The cake also from pacik Google..! Never mind! Later we buy the real one! :p Thanks dear for everything..! I hope it will be long lasting...... We stay together forever! Insyaallah... Sama-sama berdoa ya..Amin!


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