Monday, March 28, 2011

Time To.......

Please stop dreaming and wasting time wahai Hazwani..hehee... Remember that you still have one more final paper which is IB... So don't take easy ya... You must to struggle for that subject! It's one of the killer subject for you because if you not read and understand about the content, you can dreaming in the exam hall..!! :) hhaahhaaa...Gilo sudah heh...
Just for memotivasikan diri sendiri... :)
Memang tak boleh nak mengadap laptop la.. Sebab nanti adap laptop lebih lama daripada adap buku... heheheee.. It's 12.16am just now..! So let's I start my revision! :)


Ohh sory my dear HP.. I have to choose only one... I love you so much.. But I have to love IB book more than you!heheee... Bubyee dear HP.. Take care ya... Tomorrow we'll see again..So don't worry ya.. :) I just put you in front of me.. So, no need to cry okeyy.. :P


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