Monday, February 21, 2011

MASQUERADE BALL (19.02.2011)

Ahaaaa dis is our niteee~!!huhuu.. 19.02.2011 is the date dat we are waiting for! MASQUERADE BALL @ VISTANA,KUANTAN..  Kitorang sume mmg sgt2 enjoy on dat day.. Bcoz of wut? Bcoz of dapat melaram!hehee.. On dat day mmg blh dikatakan sume muka da berubah sebab make up terOver..hahaa.. Bese la kn da nme pon dinner kne plak tema masquerade for sure la dress up ala2 over gituu... Ade yg dress up like a Cinderella, Queen, King, Zorro..huhu.. All guest look different n gorgeous! :)

after make up ^_^
before enter to the ball room

before dinner
sempat berCAPTURED time event

fad & mimi
before go back to kampus
time event

 heheeee... ok dats all pic yg leh upload.. Act bnyk lg tp xkn la nk upload bnyk2 kn..huhuu... this is our moment yg xkn lpe smpi biler2..we enjoy together..

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